Recruitment advertising and ECT recruitment

Recruitment advertising

We are excited to have launched our new online recruitment solution, which gives you the opportunity to manage your recruitment process online:  

  • raise a request for a job advert online using our new advert request form 
  • manage your job advert requests online (for example, amend closing dates, withdraw vacancies)
  • set up additional accounts for other users in your school
  • the option to manage your applications online:
  • view any online applications made for any vacancies that you advertise
  • manage the recruitment process online from the point of application to your successful candidate signing their contract which includes sending interview invites and reference requests

Using the online solution will not increase the cost of advertising with us, this is a service enhancement for our customers. Alternatively, you can still continue to use our service as an advertising platform only and manage the process and applications in your usual way. However, users of the online solution are benefiting from the time it is saving them with the associated administration……“I love the way the system sends letters out and reference requests with a couple of clicks, it's amazing!  This is going to be such a time saver for us.”

If you have not yet registered with us, please confirm the name and email address of the employee you would want set up as the school’s primary user. Please note all schools will need to be registered and have an account to be able to advertise with us going forward so please get in touch with us via email:

ECT Recruitment

In response to recruitment trends over the last few years we will not be recruiting to a pool this year.

Our online solution is available to help you to recruit your ECT’s for September. This will enable the applicants to easily submit their application online and will save you time during the recruitment process. When placing your adverts be sure to select ‘online recruitment solution’ in the ‘how would you like to manage this vacancy’ field.

To ensure we are doing all we can to help you to recruit ECT’s we have:

  • communicated with a higher number of universities this year to increase the available talent through collaboration
  • asked all students who are actively seeking their first teaching appointment in Birmingham for September 2024 to register with us

In addition to the existing optional enhancements already available to you when advertising with us (WMJobs and Social Media campaigns) we now have an ECT offer. For an additional £15 we will send an alert via email to the ECTs registered with us to let them know that your vacancy is live with a link to apply, we will also list your vacancy on the dedicated area on our website.


If you would like to add this enhancement to your advert, please add ‘ECT recruitment package’ to the comments section on the advert request form.


Find out more about our recruitment services.

Please refer to our user guides for help using our online solution


Coming soon - pay online for job adverts.

Published: 24th January 2024